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Q: How long does a site take to design and complete?

A: Wow - piece of string.  If your website is super-urgent please ask us about our on-site design service. We can give you a more accurate estimate once we know what you're looking for.


Q: Our need is urgent! Do you still have your 'site-in-a-day' service? 

A: Yes, we can still come to your office or Skype you and work with you to produce a 5 page site in a day. No problemo. Thing is, we found most businesses were looking for more sophisticated websites, so we just tend to do more of these larger, more complex beasties these days. 


Q: Are you just fronting for off-shore contractors?

A: That's funny. 'Cause usually a real person turns up at your office and begins the work while you watch. Seriously, we know there are companies who do this, but it's not what we do. We know you need a real person who you can talk to and who will be able to help you get your website going. Even better, our consultants are all business people who understand what it takes to drive a small business in Australia, and who will be able to guide you with excellent knowledge of social media and digital marketing.  It's like getting your own advertising agency!


Q: What if we're not in Sydney, can we still work together?

A: Sure we can. We just work with you via phone, Skype, and email.  It might be a bit boring for you to sit there and watch the screen all day, so you can brief us in the morning and check back through the day. No problemo.


Q: Do you use templates?

A: No, we design all the sites from scratch. However, if you see a template you like, feel free to show us so we can get to know your taste.


Q: What's this hosting thing?

A: Hosting is like rent. You rent a space on the internet where all the files that make up your website get stored. Our hosting starts at around $25 per month. From $50 per month, our hosting includes a content update service. That means you can call us and ask us to make small changes for you as you need them.


Q: I don't have a name for my website yet. Where do I get one?

A: That's called a 'domain name' or a 'URL'. We can help you choose and buy one on the day, or you can go to CrazyDomains and see if you can find a domain name that you like. 


Q: Will I be able to manage my own site?

A: Yes, you will be trained to edit and manage your own site, including adding and deleting pages, changing pictures, adding and changing the text and whatever else you need to manage your site. (You don't have to do this. We can do it for you if the thought of it curdles your blood).


Q: Do I need to know any coding or HTML?

A: No, not at all. You will probably never see any HTML when you are editing your site and you don't need to worry about it.


Q: Do I need a separate mobile site?

A: No not at all. Your desktop site is 'responsive' - meaning it will choose its own arrangement based on which device is viewing it. You might have heard of Google Mobilegeddon?  All our sites are right up to date with Google mobile compliance. so you don't need to worry. Tweaking your mobile site is completed at the same time as your full site.



Got another question we haven't answered above?  Please ask your own... We're eager to help!

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