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Meet the team

Your web design & digital marketing team is right here.

We specialise in speedy, gorgeous websites that not only look great, but serve your business and personal needs. So if you're too busy getting on with your own business and the stuff you know how to do to figure it all out on your own, let us do it for you.

Kate started Webtoday in 2014 and has been a full time Wix designer ever since. Proud to be known as the Wix Ambassador for Sydney, Kate often teaches classes in web design, SEO and small business marketing.

Kate is a BAPsychHons and brings her psych knowledge to your digital marketing.

Kate Bradshaw -
CEO, Designer

Guia is our client support specialist who ensures all our clients' sites are updated and kept spick and span!


Need a quick update? Add a picture or some text? Guia will get the job done for you.


Guia has worked full time for Webtoday for more than 4 years now. She is a very special talent and knows Wix inside out!

Guia Sison -
Client Support

Jess Graham -
Social Media Manager

Jess Brings excellent writing skills and extensive social media knowledge to the team at WebToday.


The office is always a bright and cheerful place on the days that Jess is in!

Jess is currently studying a Batchelor of Communications at UWS. 


Webtoday Alumni

Cam has our huge congratulations on scoring an amazing job at

Cam will be continuing his research into AI and we look forward to seeing his work influence this space. 

It has been a real privilege to witness the growth and development of such a brilliant thinker.


Cam Read

Mark Polner

After an internship during Sydney's protracted lockdown, Mark's talent and awesomeness shon through and he was offered a position at a certain search engine called ▓ ▓ ▓ ▓ ▓   oh sorry, that's redacted for secrecy. 


Anyway, anyone who knows Mark will know that he likes to do things BIG. And Sydney just might not be BIG enough. So he negotiated with the above large global multinational and has scored a position in their Cali head office.  So he's off to the USA.

We are all so proud of his achievement and look forward to updates. 

And yet, we still don't have a picture!


Cedric is our Eastern Water Dragon who loves to hang out with us.

He is in charge of Accounts Payable and Eating Chicken.  He is better at eating chicken.

Cedric keeps us amused by banging on the door and asking for, you guessed it...chicken.

Update: Sadly, Cedric didn't emerge from his 2021 brumation, so we have to assume the worst. He was a great wild pet and gave us a few years of amusement. You can still see him on Instagram.

Taylah started as an intern at WebToday. We recognised her natural talent for design and natural aptitude with our website platforms, especially Wix Studio. So she's now a permanent fixture!  


Taylah has become our in-house Studio platform expert and delights in teaching us all new tricks on this very expansive platform!

Taylah Graham -
Graphic Design Specialist

Halle is the linchpin that keeps everything organized and running smoothly. With her keen attention to detail and outstanding communication skills, Halle ensures that all projects are delivered on time and to the highest standards. Her ability to manage complex projects and coordinate with diverse teams makes her an indispensable part of our agency.


Halle is currently studying a business and finance degree at Macquarie University. 

Halle Thomas - 
Project Manager

Umar Ali -

Umar is our SEO specialist who can bring a site from where the bodies are buried to page 1! 

He has just completed his Psychology Degree at Macquarie Uni

PS: This isn't his photo, but it's a pretty good representation. SEO guys are mysterious by nature. 

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