WebToday web designer in Cromer Sydney


We are so thrilled and proud to have have enjoyed a long-term relationship with Wix.com. We have made wonderful friends all around the world.

Wix Mentor:


1 Minute Wix

✦  Throughout Sydney's on/off lockdown we have continued to support businesses to enhance their online presence and enjoy working with the Wix platform, social with the Wix Platform. 

✦  We have just launched 1 Minute Wix on WebToday's YouTube Channel. New episodes each week.

✦  2021

Wix Facebook Groups

Keeping things going during Covid

✦  Wix Partner Community 4800 member international Facebook group - Wix Council of Moderators. Members recognise my signature pink motivational drawings. 

✦  Established ANZ Wix People Facebook Group for professional Wix designers in Australia and New Zealand.

✦  Continuing Aussie Wix Designers facebook group

✦  2 Aussie designer friends* and I, became Webmaster Verified which is an initiative of another great Wix community friend - Nayeli Mixon
*(Well, I guess we are really competitors but we all adore each other, help each other and frequently work on projects together)

WebToday is WebMaster Verified

✦  2020

Guest Speaker WixCon 2019

New Orleans

✦ In 2019 I was a guest speaker at WixCon. It was a real thrill to represent Australia, present our groundbreaking Wix work, and meet my friends in person.


✦ I gave out a lot of koalas

✦ I also made everyone taste Vegemite.

✦  2019


WixCon Miami 2018

✦  I was very excited to visit the Wix Campus in Miami. I presented 'Building Authority in Your Marketplace"

✦  The Wix Offices were amazing, creative and vibrant! This is me in the reception with friends Ruth-Ann Bowen and Nayeli Mixon


✦  I got a selfie with Wix founder and CEO of Wix, Avishai Abrahami.

✦  2018

Wix Ambassador

✦  2017 saw the launch of the Wix Ambassador program. I interviewed for the position and was accepted. Our remit was to host quarterly events to introduce Wix to new markets and teach skills to existing users. 

✦  I attended the Wix Ambassador conference in New York


✦  I still host events to this day. In person events when possible and virtual events when not. 

✦  2017

Wix Certified Trainer & Wix Webmaster

✦  During 2016 Wix launched the Wix Webmaster and Wix Certified trainer programs which I was delighted to participate in and complete.

✦ I became a moderator on one of Wix's first community Facebook pages and started to get to count a few Wix employees as my friends.

✦  2016

Started Webtoday

✦  3:18am, May 13th, 2014: It was one of those nights where you toss and turn and just can't get back to sleep. 


✦  I had the idea of being able to create a website in a single day.  Ah! WebToday!  This became our initial service offering at WebToday (yes, we still offer it).

✦  Once I had the name, I jumped out of bed and raced to the computer to register the business with ASIC. Within a couple of hours I had published our first website, ordered the business cards and started advertising on Google.  


✦  At 7am we were in business! - This was WT's first logo ->

✦  2014

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  • Adwords campaigns for small business

  • Training is included in your package so you can edit and manage your own website

  • Remote support available all the time

  • Telephone support at short notice

  • Unlimited roll-backs in case you break anything.

  • You can't actually break anything.

  • Plenty of help going forward with our supported hosting package

  • Hosted on world class secure servers

  • Security in place to prevent hacking

  • You can relax and get on with your business

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