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So what do you know about SEO?

Back in the 90s how did you (ok, your parents) find stuff out?  They looked in the Yellow Pages™ , right? And businesses would take a chance and buy the biggest ad they could afford, in order to try to stand out from the crowd. Today's businesses have a whole new set of challenges to wrap their heads around, in order to get found by their audience. SEO involves both on-site and off-site activities and we can guide you through all of them.

We construct websites with SEO and high-ranking in mind

Instead of building first and optimising later, we make sure all our sites are 'Pre-optimised'. That means all the technical requirements that search engines love to see in your web-pages are already in place.  Then we work with you to determine the most appropriate keywords (things people type into Google).  We make sure your site's content is highly relevant to your market, and this brings results.

We are Wix SEO Specialists

We know Wix like the back of our hands. So we are ideally placed to get your Wix site ranking.


Here is how we get you to the highest possible position on Google

• Research the most effective keywords for your business • Look at site's content and tweak it for relevance. • Analyse your site's meta-data and make sure it is (a) present and (b) relevant to your keywords • Provide you with a direct connection to Google so that they instantly know and index your URL • Check for any indexing issues  • Connect powerful analytical tools and share this data with you • Sneakily investigate at your main competitors' SEO, rankings and keywords • See how your site ranks against your competitorsConduct "Local SEO" activities including Google Business Listing and others.  • Send a monthly report outlining activities and your current Google ranking so you can see your progress.

SEO Services

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